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Tips on how to survive Valentine’s day when you are single.

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I consider myself an expert on being single. I have been single a lot. Valentine’s day is tough, because it seems like everyone is paired off, while you’re not. If you aren’t careful, you could end up ready to slit your own throat by the end of day.  So what’s a girl to do to survive?

1) Remind yourself that you aren’t the only single person. When we’re depressed, we tend to get self-centered and think we’re the only person suffering.  The reality is: they’re so many of us going through the same thing. Which leads me to my next tip…

2) Have a girl’s day. Invite your single friends over for a day of snacks, music and/or chick flicks.  Nothing like catching up with your friends over a glass of wine or two…Or four.

3) No single girlfriends? Create your own spa day. Spend sometime relaxing in a spa or at home with your favorite spa treatments. Taking care of yourself reminds you of how beautiful and valuable you are. I take a baths with a glasses of wine, peaches and my favorite music. Works for me.

4) Cook for your family. I make big meals for my family. It reminds me how blessed I am. It gives me a chance to bless others, which takes the focus off of my single woman misery.

5) Go to the gym! I am all for the Yoga and/or working out. A great way to feel awesome about yourself! If you go to the gym, you might meet a hot guy or two.

6) Work on some projects that you’ve been putting off. We all have goals we’ve put aside for whatever reason. Use Valentine’s day to pick them up again. A sense of accomplishment is a confidence booster.

Here are some don’ts:

1) Avoid all media! No TV unless you have DVR, and for goodness sake No social media! All of your friends will be posting their gifts online! Others will have memes that may make you feel worse:


Mean memes alone can send anyone in an ice cream tank instantly. Especially if you are not emotionally ready! If you have to uninstall your apps for one day, do it!

2) If have an ex on your social media timeline, there is no time like the present to boot him off! I’m sure you don’t want to see him with his new squeeze, unless you plan on shooting yourself right after. Which leads me to my next point…

3) Don’t contact your ex! Everyone has a man (or woman) who they have been pining over. If he or she has moved on, you must pretend to as well. Don’t sell the rest of your self-worth out on Valentine’s day.

3) Keep pictures of past loves out of sight. Don’t make he or she your screen saver. Save yourself some grief.

4) If you cannot be positive, stay to yourself! If your friends are in relationships, they rather not hear your bah humbug! Let them enjoy their time.

Tip: Remember don’t let one day ruin your self-confidence. You’re a whole person without someone. If I helped you today, please feel free to share!


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